Jousting Time Kickstarter ends... What's Next?

Hi everyone!

The end of the campaign is near and unfortunately it is clear that we will not be able to meet our goal. This has been an intense past three months at Trebuchet as we prepared for our first ever PAX convention and our first ever crowdfunding operation.

Even if the campaign failure means that we will not be able to achieve everything we wished for Jousting Time, we took the decision to get back to work on it in order to release a lean but enjoyable playable version of the game with a significantly smaller scope than the one detailed in the Kickstarter project page.

When showcasing the game at PAX East, we were overwhelmed with the positive reception from the players who got to try the game. Players would get in line, waiting up to an hour to be able to joust in VR. However, we did not manage to give the game enough visibility online during and after the event.



We are very thankful to every one of the 105 backers that decided to support us. We would also like to thank everyone that showed interest in the game, the people at PAX, the youtubers that made videos about the game as 8bitNinja and RealityCheckVR with PSVRFrank. Finally, a big thank you to our friends and families who supported us through this!

What now?

The game will be released on Steam in the next couple of months as an early access title. We are still convinced that the game needs to grow with a community of its own so we’re turning towards the best platform around for doing this. We are aware of the reputation that comes with early access games, but we want to put the emphasis on the fact that the game has no purpose without the involvement of its players in shaping the final experience.

We have a lot of things in the backlog for Jousting Time, but we will start by working towards a polished core experience before adding too much content. We will put up a proper roadmap in the coming weeks, maybe in the form of a public Trello, to keep you informed on what we are working on. However, here are some things we plan to do before releasing the Early Access:

  • Improve the feeling of the basic 6 weapons
  • Polish the UX for finding opponents and connecting to games
  • Improve and polish the visuals of the Arena
  • Start prototyping the Feast, the game’s lobby, described originally in the Kickstarter plans

As the campaign was not successfully funded, we will not be able to deliver any physical or digital rewards. However, to thank you for your early supporting, we are happy to give every backer a free key for the version that will be released in the next couple of months. You will be sent an email some time before the launch with a Steam key (we don’t have a release date at the moment but it should happen before July 2018).

This week, we are going to VRLA to present the game once more! We will write another post when we are back!

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