Back to work after VRLA

Hi everyone,

We are back from VRLA and we’re here to write a small wrap up of the event and what we’ve been up to. We thank Danny and Timo from Microsoft that were super helpful to make sure our booth was ready!


It was a very rewarding trip where we had the chance to meet other developers and had the chance to talk with players who gave us valuable feedback.

We met the cool guys from ARVORE that are launching their game Pixel Ripped 1989 soon, make sure to check it out!

Since the end of the kickstarter, we started to plan out how we’re going to bring the game to its early access version.

We did some clean up in the project and worked on some optimizations to pave the road for the future of the game :

  • We reduced the size of some textures
  • We cleaned old files that were bloating the project
  • We overhauled the connection menu to make it more user friendly and ready for future additions
  • We did the basic implementation of the steam API
  • We reduced loading times in the game by making them asynchronous

Now that the project is fresh and free of pre-PAX crunch debris, we are ready to start doing more work on it!

Besides that, for Prison Boss VR owners, we will soon be releasing a small patch to fix some issues and improve the general performance!

We will try to do these posts more often to keep you informed of what we’re doing here at TREBUCHET!

Stay updated on the further developments of Jousting Time! Make sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.