Jousting Time Update #2 - What we've been up to !

Hi everyone!

We’ve been pretty silent these past weeks, but it doesn’t mean we’ve been cooling off! I’ll take a moment to write down what’s been going on at the studio in this post to keep you all up to date!

Jousting Time Arcade Edition!

Two weeks ago, we released an Arcade Edition of Jousting Time at VRWorld NYC, to test out the game in public.

It’s a simple version of the game, similar to what we showcased in various events these past months, but with a much more solid network backend.

What’s going on with the Steam version?

We are currently in full production on the Steam version. We are working on various elements as a cool progression system, a graphical overhaul of the Arena, and also on the Feast, the lobby where players will be able to meet between jousts and defy each other.

We went through a lot of optimizations and bug fixing to prepare the game for the upcoming content additions.

We will soon be able to give a more precise time frame for the first public tests of the Steam version.

New members in the team and one year anniversary of the studio!

First and foremost, we welcome Agathe and Swann in our team, our new artists, who will help with the production of new assets for Jousting Time!



Thanks everyone for your patience and we will try to post more frequently about the development progress from now on!

In the meantime, our first game Prison Boss VR is 50% off on Steam and if you want to check it out!