Jousting Time Update #3 - Big news coming up!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted an update. Sorry about that! Things have been going fast at Trebuchet and we have important announcements to make.

First, it’s about Jousting Time. Game development is iterative work in its nature. As designers, we’re always making decisions which shape the final product we are making. Since we presented it at PAX East and other events for the last year, we’ve realised that the game is much better when played with a crowd. The short game sessions and the shouting mechanic are what makes it great with friends spectating and cheering, especially when we set up the saddles! Last week, we were at the Busan Indie Connect Festival and got once again very positive feedback from players, it boosted our feeling that the game really thrives when played with the full location-based setup.


That’s why we’ve decided to change plans. Being a small team, we made the choice to cancel the home version and focus on doing a great game for arcades rather than spreading our forces. To pull this off the right way, we teamed up with a publisher specialized in location-based entertainment. To thank our early supporters from the canceled kickstarter to whom we promised early access keys for Jousting Time’s home version, we will instead give steam keys for our first game Prison Boss VR.

Also, we can’t deny that being partnered with a publisher makes us more focused on the game-making part of our job and frees us from the whole marketing and distribution, which are very time-consuming endeavours! We are now dedicated to making Jousting Time a perfect location-based arcade experience.

It doesn’t mean that we are stopping developing games for home players! We are very excited with our plans with our first game Prison Boss VR. We’ll tell you more details about this in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who followed us and played the game at past events, it’s thanks to you that the game continues to exist!


Vincent Brunet-DupontComment