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How do you think engineers, designers or project managers will work tomorrow? VR, as a technology, is an opportunity to reinvent the way we interact with content. It puts the user in the middle of the experience, allowing him to use his body as a controller. This new immersive perspective lets you become a law enforcement officer one second and a machinery operator the other. The possible uses for VR and AR are vast and are set to become the new normal of any field of work.



People retain 75% more information when they do instead of being told to do

We can create custom built simulations to provide training to your employees. We are using the first person perspective to put the learner within the experience while the trainer can have access to valuable metrics and data visualization outside of the headset. We can also create scenario editors for your trainer to create new scenes and experiment with harder challenges for more experienced users.



Connect with people from all over the world with your virtual avatar

The immersive technologies allow you to be with someone who is anywhere in the world directly from your home or your office. You can then share the point of view and better understand the realities of others by exchanging perspective with them. You can also strengthen bonds between team-members collaborating on projects on a worldwide basis without having to fly all the time.



Get the chance to be part of the virtual world, live the data and experience novelty

Being able to be within a simulation or live an experience that was designed to put the user at the center of the plot is a new way to create interactive and user experience design. The possibilities have yet to be understood as a new form of creation comes into existance.


Design made for you


Events and showroom solutions

People always try to gather attention in conventions and events with all the available fluff. If you want your potential customers to understand how neat is your product, have them see it by using the immersive technologies. At last, you won't need to bring the new helicopter you need to talk about everywhere you go.


immersive training

There is no better way to learn how to apply a specific protocol or use a new piece of machinery than putting on a VR headset and practice in a safe environment of simulation. Engage with your employees through the usage of the next generation of training software.


Turnkey vr softwares

Sometimes, the softwares you are using aren't enough for your ambitions. We can create a wholesome experience for your organisation that will make creative use of the new immersive technologies.


Creation of Intellectual property (IP)

Do you want to have a VR game that is set in your 76 tomes sci-fi novel serie? You are producing a kid's show with talking bugs in Sweden and you want to reach out to a new audience with an interactive narrative side story? We create games as a living, we can create one for you.


What can we do for you?

Your project is specific and so is our approach. Get in touch with us by just writing a few lines on what you are trying to achieve and we'll get back to you. We'll be looking forward to exchange about your objectives and see how we can be of help!

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