Cool team.


Alexandre Pernot Lopes

“As Creative Director of TREBUCHET, I help shaping the games vision, making sure the milestones are met and ensuring optimal communication in our awesome team. I'm also occasionally doing PR far away from the comfort of our beloved studio (only if there's an available buffet).”

Vincent Brunet-Dupont

“As CEO of the company, I manage the business, develop partnerships and oversee the development process. I am like a well oiled machine that was built around one sequence order: think, talk, act.”


Martin Lavoie

“I am the Technical Director. My job mainly consist in wearing hats made of cardboard, eating all sorts of chips, and solving complex math problems to make the wild designers happy.”


Agathe Préfontaine

“I am a 3D artist who once lived in Laval. There is no boundaries to the things I am interested in, from Friends to the WWE, I model my imagination into beautiful assets to contemplate in VR.”

Swann Klein

“I am a 3D artist who also does a bit of 2D, a bit of shader and a bit of intricate animations... Some would say I have german roots while others say I am a redhead. While true, these things are less defining of me than my burning passion for watering plants.”


Guillaume Duquesne

“I am the lead designer of the team and part-time siege engineer, I make rules and mechanics from the team’s ideas and sometimes, I build siege weapons. I like testing new things, sometimes it’s weird things but it’s always fun things.”


Francis De rico

“I love programming. Also, I loooove programming. With a VR headset constantly on my forehead, I make sure everything runs smoothly on the machines. I don't always make origami, but when I do, I make the best origami in town.”