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Jousting Time



Now available for VR Arcades Worldwide!

"This game is like magic that you can inject within your veins."
-Wayne Gretzky

Are you an Arcade owner, a VR enthusiast or just a regular dude who likes to scream? Jousting Time is now available for you to distribute to the public. Jousting Time - Arcade Edition, is a multiplayer VR jousting game that uses your motion to fight and your shouting to charge.

The game pits 2 people against each other in matches that last from 5 to 10 minutes of intensity. Friends and family that are gathered around the fighters can enjoy a special camera feed on the TVs that let's them enjoy the show like you would with a football or hockey game.

Initial setup and prerequesities

These are things to consider before getting your license. From "What is a VR arcade?" to "The ideal setup hardware", you'll find all those answers here.

Where to buy

The game is available on multiple online storefronts that support commercial licensing for arcades. If the platform you are using is not included within the featured list, contact us!

The configuration tool

You will find detailed explanation on what every option of the configuration tool means. This page is updated each time we add options, so feel free to refer to it periodically.


things to know when operating the game

If you are looking for gameplay pro tips, technical information for your operating staff or just want to look at pictures and know more about the game, I guess this is the place.

Print assets and physical props

You want your Jousting Time setup to have a special something? You can print cutouts for the game here and get in touch with us to have physical props and saddles to make the experience of jousting exactly like in the 14th century.

Support and contact

If you need support with the game or just want to initiate a dialog with us. Fill up the form and we'll get back to you shortly.

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